Chronology of the beatification process


15th April

A group of twenty friends and John’s family members, among them Fr. Joan Guardiola, vicar of Sant Isidor’s Parish, in Barcelona, started the Association “Amics de Joan Roig i Diggle” (John Roig Diggle’s friends). The aim of the association is to promote the canonization process and to share John’s life story. This way, if it’s God will, John can be an example for present and future generations.


4th October

Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Fr. Ricard Maria Carles Gordó, accompanied by John’s family members and friends, asks for the solemn opening of the canonization process of John Roig Diggle, as a result of his martyrdom, in the throne room in the Archdiocese during the ceremony presided by the Ecclesiastical Court.


2nd March

God’s servant, Rosa Deulofeu, diocesan delegate for the Youth Ministry, is elected as President of the Association Association “Amics de Joan Roig i Diggle”.


16th May

Archbishop Cardinal of Barcelona, Fr. Ricard Maria Carles Gordó asks for the solemn closure of the beatification process of John Roig Digglein the throne room in the Archdiocese.


18th May

The postulator P. Llorenç Galmés O.P, delivers the process of beatification of the martyr John Roig Diggle to the Congregation of the Causes of Saints of the Vatican.


19th May

The positio of the beatification process is presented at Vatican City. The ones in charge are Francesc Figueras, Youth Ministry Delegation, Ramon Santos, president of the association “Amics d’en Joan Roig Diggle”, Fr. Rupert, member of the piarist community in their Mother House in Rome and Fr. Felip Juli Rodríguez Piñel.


20th January

Celebration of the burial of John’s remains at Sant Pere (Saint Peter) church in Masnou. Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Fr. Lluís Martínez Sistach, presides over the ceremony.


4th October

The Vatican makes public that Pope Francis has signed the decree recognising the martyrdom of the young catholic John Roig Diggle, killed “in odium fidei” in 1936 at the Santa Coloma Cemetery. Pope Francis’ decision cleared the way towards John’s beatification.


7th November

John Roig Diggle’s beatification takes place at Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona. A message from the early years of the church has been confirmed: “The blood of the martyrs is a seed of Christians”. For this reason, John’s beatification is for us a great hope.



Vigília de pregària

Església de la Concepció (Barcelona)
El dijous anterior a la beatificació, a les 19:30h, es farà una vigília de pregària a la parròquia de la Concepció de Barcelona com a preparació per a la celebració.


Basílica de la Sagrada Família (Barcelona)
Dissabte 7 de novembre a les 11:00 h. se celebrarà a la Sagrada Família la Beatificació d’en Joan Roig i Diggle, presidida pel Cardenal Joan Josep Omella Omella Arquebisbe de Barcelona. Serà l'acte central del Pla Pastoral Diocesà i el X aniversari de la Basílica.

Acció de gràcies

Església de Sant Pere d’El Masnou
Totes les Misses del diumenge 8 de novembre que se cel·lebrin a l'església de Sant Pere del Masnou seran d'Acció de gràcies per la Beatificació, amb l'aforament limitat al 30% i complint totes les mesures de seguretat indicades pel Govern.